About Us

We are breeders of exceptional, calm, and healthy Australian Shepherd s. We have been breeding show quality Australian Shepherd s for over a decade. Shepherds have a great intelligence that makes them easy to train. Because of their calm, gentle and loyal nature, an Australian Shepherd puppy from Australian Shepherd makes an ideal family companion. Moms and Dads of our puppies have OFA certification of the eyes, heart, and hip. We also are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and are members of the New Jersey Pine Barrens Australian Shepherd Club and the Australian Shepherd Club of America.

We at Australian Shepherd begin to socialize our puppies from day one. Every puppy is hand delivered and nurtured for eight weeks before they go to their new homes. We offer our adult Shepherds access to two acres to roam free. We are sure that one of the puppies would make an excellent addition to your family; they’ve been an excellent addition to ours for over a decade.

We believe that sound temperament, rock-solid health, and correct structure are the most important foundation on which all other accomplishments are built. We Volhart test pups before they go to homes. To produce excellent and lifetime health, we do extensive health testing on all breeding dogs and select only those with excellent clearances and temperaments. In order to produce a correct structure that will age gracefully, we choose dogs with correct structure and champion pedigrees. Our semen is from top lines from the United States, Canada, and England. We have flown to Ireland to hand-carry puppies back from top lines to add to our program.

We believe that well-bred pups can achieve amazing things when given the opportunity. Our dogs have participated in search and rescue, agility, obedience, conformation, and in Junior handling. We have too many accomplishments to list. A few of them are: